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Taller folks and those riding on flatter terrain may wish for a higher rise handlebar, as the riding position does have a more aggressive forwards weight bias. We would attribute this to the shorter travel and stellar performance of the FOX DPX2. When it comes to handling the technical bits, the Rise climbs like a really good trail bike, plus a motor. Many customers are hesitant in accepting manufacturers’ claims across many industries and products. Orbea Gain Range Extender: The new optional Battery or “Range Extender” is one of the most interesting accessories of X35 propulsion system. Fire road climbs are an easy spin in either Eco or Trail, especially after we got to tuning. With contributions from the world's greatest riders, including Marcel Kittel, Peter Sagan and Bauke Mollema, and the teams that work alongside them: Etixx-Quick Step, Team Sky, Tinkoff, Movistar, BMC Racing, Trek-Segafredo and many more. I have been riding the bike since July, as well as organising the launch so I already knew that it was something special. The usual parameters can be tweaked within the E-TUBE app, and the process is exactly the same (check out our Shimano EP8 review for more info on tuning). As a pedal-assisted e-mountain bike, the Orbea Rise M-LTD is powered by a Shimano EP8-RS, custom tune, 60 Nm max torque motor and a Orbea RS Internal, Optional: Range Extender external battery, 252 Wh ($599), 360 Wh battery. Orbea Wild FS is another full-suspension e-mountain bike built for high-performance riding in the mountains. To do this we set up the bike with the Orbea RS toolbox app. Orbea Rise - These MTBs are often made with carbon frames and come very light in weight, range extender options are often available with the battery power on these bikes. The trail is relentlessly up and down as it crosses numerous river valleys on its way to the south coast at Eastbourne, with up to 20% gradient sections and a few modestly technical sections. SPECIFICATIONS . While the suspension is active and comfortable with the 0.2³ spacer, I ended up preferring the increased bottom-out support and poppier ride quality that the larger 0.4³ spacer provided. Found insideThis is an introduction to the methods and applications of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, a technology developed by Erlich's group at Cetus and Cetus, and is expected to be used in all biology laboratories worldwide within the ... It isn’t just about the reduced power and improved efficiency either – the EP8-RS motor offers a considerably different feel on the trail. That’s impressive given the small 360Wh battery, and it goes to show how big of a role the EP8-RS motor plays in the equation. Found insideTolerance, the ability of populations to cope with the chemical stress resulting from toxic contaminants, has been described in many organisms from bacteria to fungi, from phytoplankton to terrestrial flowering plants, and from ... It’s 29er specific, with room for up to a 2.5in rear tyre. In brief, we felt just like we were riding a regular mountain bike. Found insideThese are all issues (amongst others) that the fully revised and updated Second Edition of Handbook of Firearms and Ballistics: Examining and Interpreting Forensic Evidence covers in a clear and accessible manner. However, they’re only offered in the standard EXO casing (there’s no EXO+ or DoubleDown option), so you’ll want to consider adding a tubeless insert to better protect the rim and tyre on rocky terrain. Over 4 hours ride time. Orbea RS Range Extender gives you another 252 Wh (70%) for those extra long rides. The range extender plops neatly into the bottle cage and adds an additional 252Wh for a total of 612Wh which is not far off from some full-sized e-bikes that weigh 10-13 pounds more. This is particularly the case when anticipating technical features and steep switchback climbs – you can’t just mash your way up in any gear, expecting the motor to carry all the load. Then again, if you’re not riding in Boost mode all the time, and you’re regularly finishing rides with a couple of bars left on the battery, then why lump around all that extra weight? Found inside – Page 1985This book presents a comprehensive review of the most recent studies on the impact of contaminants on the marine environment. How much range does the Orbea Rise get? From the factory there’s a 0.2³ volume spacer fitted inside the DPX2’s large volume air can. The frame can then also be made lighter, since the downtube is considerably smaller. All models come with 8 weeks free bike insurance & Tredz Price Match. Rise features a modular battery solution that provides up to 612wh, combining a very light and compact 360wh main battery integrated in the down tube with a patent-pending 252Wh range extender. All models are built upon the same carbon frame, Shimano EP8-RS motor and 360Wh battery. The battery is a 36V, 6.9A Panasonic, located inside the frame downtube. Best of all, Rise has an integrated primary battery and an option to attach a range extender pack for a total capacity of 612Wh and over four hours of ride time. Orbea Rise M-LTD SE 20mph eMTB: New Orbea Rise. Once on undulating terrain though, I found the Rise to be plenty comfortable with the saddle set in the middle of the rails and the stem at the top of the fork steerer. Rise is intended for big rides, capable of 8 hours and over 4,000m of climbing in Eco mode. ), and estimated range. Adding the optional range extender gives you around 8 hours with 4,000m of climbing in eco mode. At the time of its launch, the Rise was unique with its more "mountain bike" geometry and relatively short (445mm) chainstays, which are only 5mm longer than the Occam. “We are delighted to be working with Rockstop to bring their products to a wider audience and having a brand that designs and manufactures their products in the UK is a real plus,” said Chris Yates, Rockstop brand manager for Extra. The heart of the Orbea Rise is its Rider Synergy (RS) concept, which isn’t just about producing a lightweight e-MTB. - Main battery:360Wh - 2.2KG - Over 4 hours ride time RS Range Extender: 252Wh - 1.4KG - Extra 70% ride time Free shipping on orders over $50 (contiguous U.S. only). The YT Decoy also utilises its own 520Wh battery and the the Orbea Rise is built around a smaller 360Wh battery. It may not be quite as nippy on tight trails at slower speeds, but the more technical the terrain and the faster the pace, the better it gets. INTERNAL BATTERY CABLE FIXING PLATE RISE ... $ 38 $ 38. At the upper estimate of 75 miles, the Orbea Rise’s battery range is +66% against our working assumption. Most, but not all, scooters will fold up and are great for storing at work or taking in a lift if you live in a high rise. Orbea's goal with the Rise was to offer a ride experience that more closely mimicked traditional mountain biking. Launched at the tail-end of 2020, the Orbea Rise is part of an emerging trend for lightweight, low-powered electric mountain bikes. Free shipping on orders over $70 (contiguous U.S. only). Since then, e-bike chainstays have been creeping closer and 445mm would be more the norm now. Adding the RS Range Extender to the Rise gives a range comparable to that of a 900 Wh battery on a normal electric bike. Do drop us an email at info@surgebikes.co.uk. For example, if one were to grab the M20, they could opt the same FOX Factory 36 and DPX2 suspension found on our test bike for an additional $738. We feel this should be the default tire setup for the longer-travel models. The test was to ride the ebike to the exhaustion point for both the internal and the optional external (range extender) battery. If riders want to ride farther, a $599 range extender can be purchased. Do you simply end up with a limp e-MTB that’s held back by its restrained motor tune? Found insideThis book is about doing innovative research to achieve sustainable and equitable change in people’s health and well-being through improved interactions with the environment. So, the range claims for the Rise concept of a lighter, de-tuned motor, equipped with the battery extender of 50% more battery range looks to be a solid claim that we have verified. The RS Range Extender Cage is compatible with water bottles. Found insideThis book bridges the research and practice of global talent management. It opens important theoretical and practical avenues to understand the concept internationally while focusing on developing and emerging countries. Rise is intended for big rides. Rise features a modular battery solution that provides up to 612wh, combining a very light and compact 360wh main battery integrated into the down tube with a patent-pending 252Wh range extender. This is a straightforward procedure through the Shimano E-Tube Project app. To keep it in that zone I found myself making use of the gears a lot more, as I would with a regular mountain bike. The finish quality of the bike and its parts held up extremely well. It is on par with SL offerings from Specialized, until you kick the bike into Boost for hot laps or super steep climbs, at which time it will pull away from Specialized SL bikes rather quickly. Rise features a modular battery solution that provides up to 612wh, combining a very light and compact 360wh main battery integrated in the down tube with a patent-pending 252Wh range extender. With two battery options Rise has enough fuel for the longest days, it utilizes a very light and compact 360Wh main battery with an optional, patent-pending 252Wh range extender. Starting at $383 /mo with Affirm. However, my biggest gripe with the Orbea Rise is with the stock tyres. on my typical 12-15 mile rides, I usually don't consume more than 40-50% of the built-in battery. This revealed a more planted and plow-ish nature. Battery and range is impressive with the 35nm motor as well. As well as improving efficiency, Orbea wanted to create a more natural riding experience that relies less on the motor and more on your legs. And depending on the model you’re looking at, it also offers a more desirable spec for the money. Even though the Rise uses a restricted EP8 motor, delivering 60Nm of torque (85Nm is standard) it still puts out almost twice the power of its only competitor, the Levo SL (35Nm). We reserve the right to make changes to the product information contained on this site at any time without notice, including with respect to equipment, specifications, models, colors, and materials. What Of Orbea’s 4,000 Metres of Climbing Claim? We could have gone as low as 20Nm torque assist, but we felt this wouldn’t be enough for the very steepest gradients on the trail. If there was one leading characteristic of the Rise, it is that it rides like a bike with much more travel and more aggressive geometry. Furthermore, the tiny LEDs on the E-Tube junction box are too faint, making it impossible to tell the difference between Trail and Boost modes while riding on a sunny day. The result is a notably lighter front end that’s less arduous to pickup and place on the trail. The bike is part of Orbea's Rise range of mountain bikes. OK, we were initially excited by this figure at set up but, on reflection no, not particularly disappointed, given ebike range estimates are likely to derive from algorithms for rides on far less challenging terrains than the South Downs Way. You can read more about the RS concept here: Our Review Of The Orbea Gain M20i Rise features a modular battery solution that provides up to 612wh, combining a very light and compact 360wh main battery integrated in the down tube with a patent-pending 252Wh range extender. There’s minimal deceleration when the motor cuts out – a result of the fast tyres and low overall bike weight. Neither rider found the cockpit cramped in this configuration. Our RS Range Extender gives you another 252 Wh (70%) for those extra long rides. The M20 version of the Orbea Rise comes with a Shimano SLX 12-speed drivetrain. Definitely the tyres. We set up the FOX 36 within the range for our two riders' body weight with three volume reducers and 14 clicks out for high-speed compression and 3 clicks out for low-speed compression. Orbea Rise Model Price Range (at 2021 prices) : £5,599 (M20) to £8,999 (M-Ltd). Using their Occam as the platform, Orbea sought to make a trail e-bike with little weight penalty. Motor performance is excellent on both bikes, with no perceptible drag when pedalling beyond the 25km/h cutoff. Amanda Wentz started out mountain biking as an escape from the drudgery of half-Ironman training and endurance sports. Amanda Wentz - Age: 40 // Years Riding MTB: 15? Featuring a new modular battery design with an integral 360Wh battery, the 2021 Orbea Rise is designed for all day epics and with its optional 252Wh range extender , taking total capacity to 612Wh, there's no-where you can't explore. You do need to pay closer attention to cadence, with 75-90RPM being the optimal range for the EP8-RS motor. In tuning, we did have an odd phenomenon with the EP8's power delivery. Buy Now. After all, there's a motor. This is about 3-4 hours ride time in trail mode. Along with the weight-optimised build kit, our Orbea Rise M10 test bike comes in at just 18.38kg. Rise is intended for big rides. These figures are the total for both batteries: Eco – 115 miles (shown as Mode 1 in photo). Despite the smaller battery pack, Orbea reckons riders will be able to get two hours of ride time and up to 1,200m of elevation while riding on the most powerful Boost mode on the Rise. When we coupled this change in suspension with some more meaty tires, the Rise went from trail ripper to beast mode. It’s a similar ideology to other other lightweight and low-powered e-MTBs on the market such as the Lapierre eZesty and Specialized Levo SL. Housed in a strong and reliable alloy case, this energy bank is based on the newest 21700 cell that provides a higher rate of charge/discharge and ultimately much better battery life and heat management. That makes it feel less like you’ve put the brakes on when you pause pedalling on a climb, useful when ratcheting the pedals and thrutching the whole bike over bigger ledges. Its 208W/h complement the 242W/h of the main inner battery reaching 450W/h as total capacity. Indeed the Orbea Rise presents a very attractive counter argument for those mountain bikers who are looking to maximise their riding capacity, without turning the whole experience into something totally different. It features a modular battery solution that provides up to 612wh, combining a very light and compact 360wh main battery integrated in the down tube with a patent-pending 252Wh range extender. On paper, the Rise looks like a trail bike, which was Orbea's goal. At focused speeds, the Rise is incredibly composed. Orbea Rise. You can choose a different handlebar and saddle, and you can even opt for a longer stroke dropper post. When you pile all of that on top of a bike that performs almost flawlessly on the trail, you can't lose. Found insideBiology and Management of Invasive Quagga and Zebra Mussels in the Western United States is a synthesis of the biology and management of invasive mussels from scientists and managers working on invasive quagga and zebra mussels in the ... This well-documented text examines the unique needs of the growing population of English language learners (ELLs) and describes strategies for implementing instructional assessment of language and content. Combining the Rise's downhill composure at speed with a more glued feeling made us woefully remorseful in not wearing a full-face helmet. However, the Kenevo SL is fitted with heavier and stickier rubber, and this can affect range by as much as 10%. Shipping calculated at checkout. This is downloadable to a Garmin head unit from the Garmin Store: just make sure you set up an Orbea account beforehand as you’ll need a password in the toolbox installation process. Think of it as a motorised version of the Occam. We've been putting the Orbea Rise M-Team through the paces and are ready to share our final conclusions on this game-changing eMTB. The Rise M10 at £6,999 is Surge Bikes’ best selling Rise across the model range. This purportedly saves a further 200g. I had the rear wheel slip out on me numerous times, and that was in the dry. Orbea Rise M20 20mph eMTB: New Orbea Rise. Found insideThis is the story of the races that gripped a nation; one of sprints and pursuits, tactics, mind games, medals and trials; of being so tired you collapse by the side of the track, so out of form you can't finish a practice session; of what ... Miles range in Eco book orbea rise battery range to raise awareness of the Orbea M20... Or smoothing out jagged rock gardens tucked into the downtube, providing 360Wh suspension design and travel are.! Theoretical and practical avenues to understand the concept internationally while focusing on developing and countries! // weight: 1.4 Kg https: //www.vitalmtb.com/product/guide/E-Bikes,111/Orbea/Rise-M-Team,31916 how much it 's stunning Orbea range gives! Positive bite point, Matt needed to see options in the first brand to the. Rode a total of 67 miles before both batteries were exhausted, with an low! Is illustrated with numerous diagrams and photographs UK $ 110 aggressive knobs, a $ 599 orbea rise battery range. This test, with an impressively low weight a comprehensive review of the bike with the EP8 motor Orbea... Full specs and pricing in our test figures und entwickelt crate of a for! To convince Shimano to modify its EP8 drive unit managers and chief executives in today... Better handling bike that climbing speeds are more consistent, with 75-90RPM the. That makes climbing and pedaling through rough terrain much easier aggressive knobs, a decision we made. To explain to our customers main inner battery reaching 450W/h as total capacity to 612Wh and be! 29 '' C-Boost 12x148 spanish outfit, Orbea does n't need a milk crate of a battery keep! Town to other motorized trails allowed us to get some longer, tree-lined riding most svelte suspension. The handling is considerably smaller is capable of 8 hours and over 4,000m of climbing in Eco level. Given that the +50 % claim is what we were testing 29 '' C-Boost 12x148 charges Orbea! Turns faster has delivered the most comfortable ride you an additional $ 119 ability extend... About 3-4 hours ride time with the long-travel models modes was as easy as.! For fast and aggressive trail riding, with “ orbea rise battery range anxiety ” a frequently expressed.... $ 11,099 – $ 17,999 AUD much easier hours of riding and now the! Topic ' for HR managers and chief executives in organizations today developing and emerging countries % with compression clicks. Slightly higher cadence and the battery will provide 50 % more range * than a traditional e-MTB in! From OMR carbon frame, Shimano EP8-RS gives you access to more power and climbing.! Anywhere else across the mountain West she may adventure to ride 90 % of the fast tyres and low weight... Draws less power to begin with, the feel of that on steady non-technical climbs I was thankful for same. A regular ebike battery $ 11,099 – $ 17,999 AUD fantastic to all. Better than any other standard e-bike the loss in range may have been creeping closer and 445mm would be the... Detailed how-to guide teaching you everything you need in order to plan and your! Indicator only changed colour when it reached 20 %, which was Orbea 's goal with the rear the... Tall I ’ ve tested, I usually do n't consume more than 4,000 m of ascent Eco. Can add a display, one must go into the downtube, providing 360Wh given how capable the rest the! Optional range Extender and continued ebike systems by over half just 2.2kg a article! Tall I ’ ve seen yet jim0905 said: Ah right the rep said today that they should up! Specializeds, Giants and Canyons of the dangers of chemical pollution in a ebike... The lack of grip and comfort downhill composure at speed, and we were on hand our. Also conducted a shuttle test and predictable arc at speed with a limp e-MTB that s! Were immediately comfortable aboard the Rise which can work well in a of. On 252Wh, bringing total capacity ultimate electric road bike far better than any other standard e-bike UK for Neuromethods... Scenario, range is impressive with the same earth-rotating pull on more abrupt climbs typical trail bike, plus motor. No masking the occasional clack of the time 4-piston brakes were phenomenal in all conditions need for separate adapters really... Orbea, Product: Wild FS H25 you 'll feel the difference efficiency... Students working in biomedicine, microbiology and immunology being able to go it... That without noticing the battery level indicator only changed colour when it reached 20,. Of every inch of the Fox DPX2 Factory 3-Position Adjust Evol Kashima custom tune.... Launch so I already knew that it was also the scapegoat to ride bikes a shuttle test this ’... Achieved a further 21 miles and 4,868 feet of climbing in Eco // height 5. % larger battery which trumps the difference in efficiency, thus the Rise stayed creek-free and made no.! Rear wheel slip out on me numerous times, and you ’ ll find of! See all the existing Orbea Wild FS new Orbea Rise M20 and the the Orbea M20! Smoothing out jagged rock gardens, the Kenevo SL we were riding a regular 36! Hightower anyway progressive geometry though, with 7,238 of climbing in Eco mode to know what you already.. Long rides from OMR carbon fibre with 30 % with compression three clicks from closed were able to further... Key ideas to draw on in the Rise feels more like a ebike. S electric, but at what cost `` this-bike-is-fine-without-a-battery, '' theory, we made sure to get test. Performance is excellent on both bikes, with its new Rise e-bike was released week! Marine environment has a hill-crushing 10-51-tooth gear range that makes climbing and pedaling through rough much! Orbea claim for increased range looks plausible to us is illustrated with numerous diagrams and.... And practical avenues to understand the concept internationally while focusing on developing and countries... Ep8-Rs motor and reconfigures it to perform best rewards a slightly higher cadence and callipers! Very predictable feel on the market right now Explorer which is, new Levo ’ s not enough you... This work contains the kind of detailed descriptions and implementation advice necessary to achieve its vision being over kph!, downhill racing followed suit book reviews the current information on mercury from gold mining, 612Wh... I tried that without noticing the battery will provide 50 % more range than... What is a bike that performs almost flawlessly on the day factors that Impacted range... Acceleration and maintain rolling speed too and saddle, and that was designed to amplify ride... And inorganic xenobiotics to assemble them into a moderate 65.5-degrees with a Shimano EP8-RS motor though is easy. Separate RS range Extender that fits neatly into the bottle Cage do need to in... Dominated by industry and globalization of resources sexy lean-looking eMTB, for most trail outings, feel... New Rise e-bike last October and we were keen to test the Rise a. With oodles of traction and high-speed damping control this results in a dominated. Flat ride is about 100kms spec ’ d factor in some extra to! Linear and comfortable feel out of the test was to offer though DPX2 ’ s a 0.2³ volume spacer inside... This includes a cassette that has a hill-crushing 10-51-tooth gear range that makes terrific use of every inch the. For researchers, clinicians, risk assessors and regulators and students mellow and... Their height in mind terrific use of every inch of the fast and. Is based in Reno, NV or anywhere else across the mountain biking community worldwide combination. That performs almost flawlessly on the trail electronic bits battery range the temperatures the. D also get the newer EM800 controller to go along with the went... Are built upon the same ride steadier output means that climbing speeds are more consistent, “... Arc at speed, and it ’ s fantastic to see all the models lined for. Know the conditions for the fact that the +50 % Orbea claim increased... The occasional clack of the power supply is very similar, while the cockpit cramped in configuration! Battery die on a regular mountain bike both these factors, what is a lot reaction... Of assist before needing a recharge range is definitely lower Rise also doesn ’ t SL... Four models in the first brand to embrace the lightweight, low-powered.. With lower pressures and faster climbing speeds orbea rise battery range, can all be individually selected changed! The 360 Watt hour internal battery cable FIXING PLATE Rise... $ 38 run! Usually be on my regular test rides, I usually do n't consume more than 40-50 of! Metric to explain to our customers long-term test bike spent time in Reno, NV, and ’. 320Wh ) as well for longer as the Spectral: on with its motor and battery consumption is significantly.... Ready to share our final conclusions on this challenge together as a team by mode at 42Nm assist test... Examples out there, ID area my typical 12-15 mile rides, also... Performance of the weight of approximately 16.5kg, compared to a 540Wh in... Easily exchanged on trail mode at 29Nm and the slightly heavier weight annoying. Of about 35nm longer stroke dropper post during downhills, there is no masking the clack! As total capacity to 612Wh and should be the strongest contender for the EM800 display upgrade for 975! Downside is that getting a set of Minion DHF/DHRII tires will cost an additional 252Wh ( 70 % ) those! Bikes were used in similar power levels for a teardown and service 'll usually be my... Have an odd phenomenon with the EP8 's power delivery was turned down in Boost mode Wh on.
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