Alaska groups supporting ANWR development

Alaska groups supporting ANWR development

The State of Alaska receives 85% of its annual revenue from oil taxes and royalties, helping to fund education, infrastructure and needed community projects. Recognizing Alaska’s dependency on resource development, Alaska’s Congressional Delegation, Governor’s Office, Alaska Legislature, and many city governments have endorsed Arctic Power, a non-profit citizens organization formed for the sole purpose of advocating for the development of ANWR.

The board and staff of Arctic Power work closely with them to coordinate the congressional education and outreach efforts across the country.

Alaska State Chamber of Commerce
Anchorage Chamber of Commerce
Seattle Chamber of Commerce

Local Government
Alaska Legislature-19th Legislature
Alaska Legislature-20th Legislature
City of Kaktovik
Kodiak Island Borough
North Slope Borough

Natives Groups
Alaska Federation of Natives
Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
Doyon Limited

Oil and Gas
Alaska Oil & Gas Association
Alaska Support Industry Alliance

Organized Labor
Alaska AFL-CIO
Alaska Teamsters Local 959
Anchorage Central Labor Council

Resource Development
Alaska Miner’s Association
Resource Development Council

Alaska Forest Association

Anchorage Convention & Visitors Borough

Alaska Railroad Corporation
Alaska Trucking Association