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Photo Gallery

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02-ANWR map 03-ANWR to 04-anwr_map2 05-ANWR_map3
01-ANWR map 02-ANWR map 03-ANWR to U.S. 04-anwr map 05-ANWR map
06-Central  Alaska 07-Worldwide_Energy_Use 08-Arctic Fox 09-Arctic ground squirrel 10-bear looks at camera
06-Central Alaska 07-World Energy Use 08-Arctic Fox 09-Arctic ground 10-bear looking
11-Bears on pipeline 12-Bears_at_play 13-bird on tundra 14-Birdnest 15-calf under pipeline
11-Bears on pipeline 12-Bears at play 13-bird on tundra 14-Birdnest 15-calf under pipeline
16-caribou 17-Caribou_no_impact 18-Caribou-on-pad 19-Circus_Bear 20-Owl on pipeline
16-caribou 17-Caribou 18-Caribou 19-Circus Bear 20-Owl on pipeline
21-Polar_2bear 22-Polar_Bear 23-Three_bears 24-Walking endicott 25-Alpine winter_exploration
21-Polar bear 22-Polar Bear 23-Three bears 24-Walking endicott 25-Alpine winter
26-Alpine winter_exploration2 27-drill rig 1 28-Endicott_Island 29-Exploration_Alpine1 30-Exploration_Alpine2
26-Alpine winter 27-drill rig 28-Endicott Island 29-Exploration Alpine 30-Exploration Alpine
31-exploration_rig 32-ice road 33-Ice_Road 34-oil_seeps_on_Coastal_Plain 35-Winter_construction
31-exploration rig 32-Ice road 33-Ice Road 34-oil seeps on... 35-Winter constr...
36-Barge 37-TAPS-AK range 38-TAPS-N-slope-Brooks 39-TAPS-pipeline at sunset 40-TAPS-Tanana
36-Barge 37-TAPS-AK range 38-TAPS-N-slope 39-TAPS-pipeline 40-TAPS-Tanana
41-TAPS-under pipeline 2. 42-TAPS-under the pipeline 1 43-TAPS-Yukon crossing 44-Coastal_Plain 45-Coastal_Plain_in_winter
41-TAPS-under 42-TAPS-under 43-TAPS-Yukon 44-Coastal Plain 45-Coastal Plain
46-Coastal_Plain_Spring 47-Coastal_Plain_spring2 48-Coastal_Plain_summer 50-Coastal_Plain_summer3 51-Coastal_Plain_summer4
46-Coastal Plain 47-Coastal Plain 48-Coastal Plain 50-Coastal Plain 51-Coastal Plain
53-Coastal_Plain-Spring 55-Permanent_wilderness 56-Barrow_AK 58-Kaktovik 59-Kaktovik_Children
53-Coastal Plain 55-Permanent wilderness 56-Barrow AK 58-Kaktovik, AK 59-Kaktovik Children
60-Kaktovik_residents 62-panorama-kaktovik
60-North Slope residents 62-panorama-kaktovik

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